9 thoughts on “The Plague. I have it.

  1. Nothing like a little eye candy to brighten the day…


  2. Yummy. What’s an octupus furnace? I have a mental image of “The Christmas Story” Dad cursing at one in the basement.Get better, sweetie.


  3. I feel much better staring at it too! Thanks, it’ll help me get through work today.


  4. Brynn Paulin says:

    He looks like he might have the plague too. Cough. Cough.Feel better.


  5. Kelly Kirch says:

    If he’s the plague, I’m gonna rub up against you until I get it too. Mmmm.


  6. Kelly Kirch says:

    Ooopps, sorry, got distracted. Feel better!


  7. What’s he looking for in the water? His pants?


  8. Caley Greene says:

    Yummy eye candy. Feel better soon. ((hugs)))


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