Can You Vague That Up For Me?

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The Plague. I have it.

I really have no reason to post this picture other than I have the plague and it makes me feel marginally better to stare at this guy’s bum.

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9 thoughts on “The Plague. I have it.

  1. Nothing like a little eye candy to brighten the day…


  2. Ahhhh. Pretty.


  3. Yummy. What’s an octupus furnace? I have a mental image of “The Christmas Story” Dad cursing at one in the basement.Get better, sweetie.


  4. I feel much better staring at it too! Thanks, it’ll help me get through work today.


  5. He looks like he might have the plague too. Cough. Cough.Feel better.


  6. If he’s the plague, I’m gonna rub up against you until I get it too. Mmmm.


  7. Ooopps, sorry, got distracted. Feel better!


  8. What’s he looking for in the water? His pants?


  9. Yummy eye candy. Feel better soon. ((hugs)))


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