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This is Tamerlyn Catkin a.k.a. Small. As you might be able to tell, she’s not the least little bit small.
She’s great cat. Loving, loyal, hilariously funny – although I don’t think she intends to be. Every night, she climbs the ladder to the upper bunk in my boys’ room so she can sleep with my oldest son. Killian is her boy. She follows him everywhere, lays on the desk while he’s playing computer games or doing homework, watches him play guitar hero and stares at him from the porch while he skateboards.
So here’s the thing, I’m not simply posting to evangelize about my cat. We just got back from the vet, and Small’s not doing well – it looks like she’s got liver disease along with some other issues. She had to spend the night so the doctor can run some more tests on her. My kids are absolute wrecks and to be honest, so am I. I would really appreciate any prayers and positive thoughts you can send her way.

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9 thoughts on “Small

  1. You’ve got it. I’m so sorry 😦


  2. As one who’s lost 3 beloved cats and 2 well-loved dogs in the past 2years, you and the kids are in my prayers during this tough time.


  3. You got it. 😦 I hope she gets well soon. ((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))


  4. Absolutely hon. I’ll put my kitty on it too. Let us know how she does.


  5. Awwww, poor small. I’ve always been fond of that Garfield kitty. Hope she pulls through. Sending hope and love her way.


  6. Sick pets are difficult. As you know we’re nursing a doggie with cancer so know what you’re going through. My prayers are with you and your family.


  7. It’s so hard, isn’t it? I’m sending lots of get well kitty wishes to you and small.


  8. Sent a prayer to the Universal Powers that watch over all things furry. They’ve given my Mouse extra years, much to my vet’s amazement, so I’ve asked them to look in on your Small too.


  9. I am not into prayer but I send positive vibes your way.


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