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Hey look, it’s another snow day.

I think my kids’ school has had a snow day every week since they went back to school in January. I’m not complaining – hell, I didn’t want to go out in this crap particularly since their school doesn’t have bus service. Besides, in these sub-zero temps, my car doesn’t like to start anyway. Squishy, (my car) is getting a bit cantankerous. She has a temperature sensor that malfunctions in really cold weather. I think I have the same malfunction. I don’t want to get out of bed in weather like this. I’m considering hibernating until spring.

Before I do, I’ll post the contest info.

Eternally Yours Contest

What could you spend an eternity doing? What is your passion? Your hunger? Your deepest desire? Each day beginning February 5 and running through February 14 one of the ten authors will complete the line, “My darling I could spend eternity…” on either their blog or website. Collect all ten answers and e-mail them to with Eternally Yours in the subject line to win some hot, romantic books. There will be three lucky Valentine winners.

The prizes –

1st prize–5 books
2nd prize–3 books
3rd prize–2 books

Entries must be in by February 16 at midnight EST. All books and prize winners will be drawn randomly.

Sandra Cox Silverhills
Mona Risk To Love a Hero
Brynn Paulin Tribute For the Goddess
Bronwyn Green Mystic Circle
Cindy Spencer Pape Stone and Earth
N.J. Walters Seduction of Shamus O’Rourke
Elyssa Edwards Mating Stone
Amarinda Jones Shades of Gray
Kelly Kirch Time for Love
Anny Cook Honeysuckle

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8 thoughts on “Hey look, it’s another snow day.

  1. Yep, my kids are on their 5th snow day in two week’s time. I think we’re now eating into summer vacation. They’re gonna have to go a minimum of 2 extra days now.


  2. We’re getting it tonight. My son will be up at 6 am, watching the ticker for either a delay or a cancellation.


  3. Molly–how ironic that they get up earlier on snow days than on regular days.


  4. We may have our third snowstorm since September sometime tomorrow. Hard to remember that it was 72 a week ago today.


  5. Sending warm weather your way, cat lady:)


  6. I miss snow days. *sigh*


  7. We got snow, but no snow days and there’s no bus service here either. Grr. It’s still snowing and doesn’t look like it will let up any. I think there has to be a blizzard for our particular school system to call it.On the brighter side, I get a lot more done when they aren’t home.


  8. I cannot imagine what a snow day would be like


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