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Happy Birthday to Someone Special

Today is a pretty special day around my house. 25 years ago, today, my youngest brother, Andrew, was born. He’s adorable with his big melty brown eyes, hilariously funny, smart and sweet. Happy Birthday to my Panda Bear!

In other news, I’m guest blogging at Hitting the Hot Spot. Please come and visit me so I’m not all lonely and stuff. Today’s topic is Misconceptions About the Romance Genre.

Here’s the link.

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7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to Someone Special

  1. Great blog over at the hot spot!Happy birthday Andrew!


  2. I loved your article at TEB. So true.And a happy birthday to Andrew. My second oldest child turned 26 on February 8th.


  3. Happy Birthday, Andrew.


  4. Better than your YOUNGEST child nearly turning 29, Ashley. Ugh. Sigh. Happy Birthday, Andrew. Good blog at TEB, Bron.


  5. Awe, ya gotta love little brothers or you’d kill them. I know. I have 6 of them. The youngest is 12. The only thing better are little sisters. I have 5 of those.


  6. Excellent blog at hot spot.Happy BDay, Andrew:)Sandra


  7. Must have been one hell of a party!Where’ve ya been?XoXoXoDakota


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