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Lookee What I Got

I’ve gotten very few reviews on this book, so I was thrilled when this came through. Five Angels and a recommended read!

Here’s what the reviewer had to say…

Bronwyn Green’s Ronan’s Grail was a marvelous book that I will remember fondly for some time to come. Morgan and Ronan’s story held me enthralled from start to finish. They were extraordinary characters and the passion and love they shared truly was the thing of legends. I was moved to tears by the tenderness Ronan showed Morgan. Conversely, I loved that Morgan was a no-nonsense kind of lady who knew her own heart and mind. Although she had been hurt in the past, she was wise enough to recognize love when it stared her in the face, no matter how ridiculous the circumstances.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Arthurian legend and Ronan’s Grail definitely ranks among my favorites of the erotic genre. Ms. Green has made an instant fan of me and I plan to revisit her universe of witches, knights and magic over and over again.

I’m so excited! In fact, I’m so happy, I’m going to give away a copy to a random poster…so comment away and I’ll pick a name from the proverbial hat on Friday!

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12 thoughts on “Lookee What I Got

  1. Way cool! Congrats.


  2. Congratulations. Ronan’s Grail will also be reviewed in the upcoming edition of eMuse online literary magazine. It will be available on March 15th.


  3. Woohoo! Way to go! Keep up the good work.


  4. YAY!!!!! Way to go, Bron!!!!!!


  5. Woo hoo! Doing the happy dance for you:)


  6. Congratulations! Don’t put my name in the pot as I already own this most excellent book!


  7. Verrrry nice review. Aren’t they nice? Excellent validation of your talent, but we all know how good you are. Good going, babe.


  8. I have one, so keep me out of the drawing lovey. We knew this award was coming though, didn’t we? Who can help but love RG?


  9. No book for me, since I already own it.But I just wanted to say that it is about time that reviewers recognized the greatness of this book. It’s my personal favorite of all of yours, and I want to marry Ronan (so long as he promises never to go unicorn hunting again).


  10. Bloody excellent! Well done


  11. oooh, wonderful and so deserving 😀*hugs*


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