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Spring…tra la la

After dropping my kids off at school, I took the long way home through orchard country. It was one of those damp, misty mornings that I like so much and I noticed how much spring – in the country, at least – looks like an Impressionistic painting.

All the barely opened leaves that look like tiny fists unfolding, and the grey sky that peeks through the not-quite-opened leaves and branches reminded me of virtually every Impressionistic landscape I’ve ever seen. Now, I’ll admit, I’m not terribly fond of that style of art, but in nature, it’s astonishing.

My favorite flowers come up in the Spring – daffodils, violets, grape hyacinths, myrtle, lilacs, lilies of the valley. Unfortunately the lilacs and the lilies of the valley haven’t fully bloomed yet, but here are some pictures from my yard of the others. We don’t have a garden or anything due to our appalling lack of Yard Morals, but I do enjoy the flowers when they come up.

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8 thoughts on “Spring…tra la la

  1. Sigh. I so miss my garden with my daffodils, iris, tulips, azaleas, forsythia, hyacinth… Sigh. Thank you for the memories.


  2. Lilacs and lilies of the valley are in full bloom here. Come on over! The first old-fashioned poppy is about to open in my yard.


  3. Yard Morals!!! I KNEW I lacked something. I like this so much better than calling out my brown thumb.


  4. The trees are really pretty right now…


  5. Autumn in Oz and with the drought I have ripped out dozens of plants…sigh


  6. Do the trees in OZ turn orangey and red in the fall?


  7. For me it must be, every year, pink tulips. Like that Dar Williams song, I always forget how many I planted, and then in the spring, wheeee! There they are, and winter is over and I am renewed.


  8. Your flowers are absolutely beautiful, Bron.


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