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Rocks and Husbands

I think I’ve mentioned in other posts that Lake Superior is one of my favorite places on earth. It never ceases to amaze me how it can go from this to the pictures below in a matter of moments. These top two pictures were taken at Whitefish Point. I’ve heard rumors that the lighthouse is haunted, but unfortunately, weren’t able to get inside and check it out.

The day after the top two pictures were taken, we went to Autrain which is a small town that sits on the shore of Lake Superior between Munising and Marquette. I wanted to stop on a certain section of beach and pick up some rocks. Of course hubby’s idea of the stones we should get were different from mine. I was thinking nice, palm sized rocks…however, Matt was thinking that boulders were the way to go. Sigh…

He wasted no time in finding a beautiful stone and started to unbury it while Killian and I looked for smaller stones and Corwin dug holes on the beach.

This is the rock Matt decided needed to come home with us, but before he could get it out of the sand, a storm blew in.

The lake went from completely placid to rough inside of ten minutes. Five minutes after that, we were battered by hail and pounding sheets of rain. The wind was so strong it blew my husband’s glasses off his face. We ended up searching for them in the midst of a thunderstorm so severe, cars pulled off the highway. It rained so hard, the parking lot (which was dry when we pulled in) was covered in swirling, calf-deep water. We finally found them about thirty minutes later once the rain stopped.
I told Matt the storm was the lake’s way of saying it didn’t want him to take the stone, but he decided since we were already soaking wet and his shoes and glasses had been trashed that he wasn’t going to let the lake or the rock get the best of him so he rolled it up the hill (it’s about 150 pounds) and hefted it into the trunk of the car.
Men… Stand back ladies…he’s all mine.
*rolling my eyes and shaking my head*

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7 thoughts on “Rocks and Husbands

  1. Oh my dog. Hilarious. You need to add a new label to this one. Stupid husband tricks.Tee hee.So where is the boulder now? Proudly guarding your garden, or still in the trunk of the car?


  2. I like the story of the rock! That sounds like something I would do!


  3. I bet your rocks were palm-sized to small chihuahua sized huh? Are they all in your yard now?


  4. My dad does the same thing. Hubby saw some boulders in Colorado he thought would look nice in our yard, but I don’t think we had room in the trunk, thank God!


  5. omg on that storm blowing off hubby’s glasses – ack! giggling about the rock, though – I’d have been the same the photos, bronwyn – love ’em!


  6. Great pictures. I love seeing other parts of the country.


  7. He brought you home a 150# rock? 🙂Outstanding.


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