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The Cute – I Has It

This is Herne (white with stripes) and Rowan. They keep me company while I work. If only they’d do a little ghost writing for me, I might be further along.

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6 thoughts on “The Cute – I Has It

  1. Looks just like my Smokey and Tag (black one)!


  2. Pretty kitties.


  3. I think they need captions like the LOLcats. What would Rowan be saying?


  4. Yep, you has the cute. Sh, don’t tell but Mouse is the real storyteller in the family. He’s just shy and doesn’t want anyone to know so he lets me say I do it.


  5. *tries to steal Herne away using catnip* here kitty kitty! I have catnip for you!*LOL* your cats are sweet!


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