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So I met this guy

when I was sixteen. He was trying to pitch those little red-hot candies into my cleavage.

I was not amused.

In retaliation, I dumped my coke on his open calculus book.

And the war was on.

Six years later, we married on my twenty-second birthday and have been happily married for the last nineteen (!) years.

Today is his birthday. Happy Birthday Matt – I love you!!!

I’m glad you have good aim, despite your poor decision making skills.

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16 thoughts on “So I met this guy

  1. Awww.Happy birthday, Matt:)


  2. Happy Birthday Matt! Sorry I didn’t get a chance to meet you when I came to town. Maybe next time.XoXoXoDakota Rebel


  3. Happy Birthday Matt. It sounds like one of the world’s best all time romances. I love it.


  4. Well, that’s a novel way to pick up women.


  5. Happy Birthday Matt:)Who had to pay for the book?


  6. Happy Birthday, Matt!!! You have wonderful taste!


  7. Have a good Sunday, bud.


  8. Happy Anniversary!!! Sounds like Matt was typically teenage-boylike. Just think Bron, in three years or less your son may have found his soulmate. Now isn’t that scary?


  9. Oh wait. DUH! Not anniversary. Happy Birthday Matt!!! 🙂Fred


  10. At least you didn’t dump it on his head. Happy Birthday Matt!


  11. This comment has been removed by the author.


  12. Happy birthday Matt, and many more.


  13. OH my god. That is the cutest, sweetest story ever. Happy belated birthday, Matt!Who i do not know at all but think has a very awesome wife so he must be very awesome himself. and many moooooooore…XOXOSommer


  14. What a cute story.


  15. Happy Belated Birthday Matt.


  16. Just stopped by to say, hey:)


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