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Brits in Time Contest

It’s time for another contest (hey – there are two of them) Quick! Enter! Tell your friends!
Help us celebrate the release of Total-E-Bound’s new anthology of Historical Erotic Romance and win a Ten Pound Gift Certificate!
You’ll find 6 Brits in Time contest questions below – one from each author in the anthology. Visit the links of each Brits in Time author and somewhere on their sites you’ll find a blurb or an excerpt with answer.
Authors’ Questions
Lisabet Sarai: What Shakespearean play provides the backdrop for Shortest Night?
Saskia Walker: In Brazen Behaviour, a seduction takes place on a train. In which direction is it heading?
Brynn Paulin: In which story does King Edward give the hero ‘the castle of death’ as a punishment?
Cindy Spencer Pape: Name the village where Georgie lives in Georgie and the Dragon.
Bronwyn Green: Which story is set in a mythical kingdom in Britain?
Aurora Rose Lynn: In To Conquer a Lady, after Lady Isabelle makes love to Edmund De Montfort, what two things is he forced to choose between?
Now go forth…and win stuff!!! And don’t forget about the Things That Go Bump In The Night contest – there’s free stuff EVERYWHERE! Now go get some!!!
Lisabet Sarai –
Saskia Walker –
Brynn Paulin –
Cindy Spencer Pape –
Bronwyn Green –
Aurora Rose Lynn –

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2 thoughts on “Brits in Time Contest

  1. But what’s the release date???


  2. Love that cover! Great contest!


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