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So I’m waiting in line to vote today, and behind me are my neighbors – a mom, dad and three of their adult children all voting together and planning on making popcorn and watching the election results together tonight. I thought that was pretty freaking cool.

Then there was the asshat in front of me who announced loudly that he wasn’t voting because one of the candidates was a republican and the other was a (racial slur that I can’t bring myself to say.) Then the asshat looked around proudly as if he expected others to agree with him. I honestly just about fell over.

The little old ladies running the polls shut him down pretty quickly, threatening to make him leave if he didn’t shut up, but the whole thing was absolutely unfreakingbelievable.

Anyway, I hope those of you in the US who are voting today remain blissfully asshat free.

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8 thoughts on “Seriously???

  1. We didn’t need his vote anyway. Clearly it would have been uninformed and random. He’s also the sort who would blame everything on the elected official instead of offering support out of respect for the office once the deed is done.


  2. Idiot. Maybe he should have his voting rights stripped so he might be able to appreciate them a bit more.I voted this morning on my way to class, and got out just before the onslaught of college kids showed up.


  3. I actually liked to see the long line because it meant more people voting. Everyone was there, all races and ages and colors. And knowing they were all my neighbors… It was a real “Free to be You and Me” moment, you know?


  4. Thanks to fabulous organization, there was no line where I voted–just a constant stream of people zipping in and out.


  5. No lines when you vote absentee:)


  6. hour and a half for me, in a nasty little racist town. Smiled to myself that no one got the subtle comment of my Eeyore sweatshirt.


  7. Absentee = no sticker. I did get one at the end of the night though: a drunk sorority girl headed home gave it to me after I walked her back to her house.


  8. I’m sorry you experienced that. That is so disgusting.


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