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The One I Have

I was driving Corwin to school the other day when we had the following conversation.

Corwin: Gray (his bff) used to have a crush on Madeline.

Me: Really? Madeline who?

Corwin: You know…the one in France…with the nuns. From the books.

Me: (muffled giggling)

Corwin: (in a sad little voice) I don’t think he’ll ever find love again.

He’s so sincere and sweet. I don’t know why the kid has to trot this stuff out while I’m driving. Giggling maniacally makes it very difficult to steer.

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9 thoughts on “The One I Have

  1. kids have a magical ability to do that.


  2. LOL!! Makes perfect sense to me. I used to have a crush on Mighty Mouse and got so jealous at the cute little girl mouse he used to save… then there was Mickey but Minnie was such a snot, I figured I had a chance. 🙂


  3. That’s so sweet, lol. He sounds like such a great kid.


  4. Ahhhh. I know exactly how he feels. I’m in love with Alex from Janet Davies’ book. Alex with the fabulous dragon tattoo…


  5. My little guy thinks he’s SpongeBob…I used to be in love with Captain Cool…and Potsie. Fonzie had all the girls, but I thought Potsie was much cuter!


  6. See, my big cartoon crush was on Sonic the Hedgehog. He was blue and he had cool hair. Plus he ran really fast. *SighLet the little one know that we do find love again in the end. Though the Mr. is not blue, he DOES have cool hair. Maybe the bff will find a lovely girl who wears great hats!XoXoXoDakota


  7. God forbid Gray ever stumble upon the Disney princesses…It’s so sweet, though. I forgot how much of a crystal kid Corwin was.


  8. LOL. I think he’s going to be a writer.


  9. Yup, you were right. I’m lauging. What a kid!


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