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I think I need a break from Spring Break

Well, the kids are back in school. I didn’t get much work done while they were on break – mostly because we were doing things.

We went and visited friends, had friends come over here, spent some quality time in the emergency room. It was a pretty typical Spring Break.We also went to the butterfly garden. We have a large local garden and sculpture park and every spring, they fill their rain forest garden with chrysalises that hatch into exotic butterflies. You walk around the garden and check out the flowers, plants and butterflies. Often if you wear bright colors and sit still the butterflies will land on you. It’s kinda cool.As we walked around the garden I was stuck behind a woman with her thong and her ass hanging way out of her jeans. Here’s a tip…Pull. Up. Your. Pants. But alas, that was not to be. Because she kept bending over to take pictures, I repeatedly got an eyeful of hot pink thong and butt crack. Then she would squeal and thrash when the butterflies would hover around her undies. Following that, she’d giggle coyly and flirt with the nearby dads who were there with their kids. Seriously? You’re trying to pick up dads…with kids…at a butterfly garden???

Later that day, I taught Abby to knit. She caught on so quickly, it was like she already knew how and I’d just reminded her. I was so impressed. Later that day, I took her older sister to get her first piercing. (ear cartilage – nothing naughty – she is only 14) Yes, with her mom’s permission – lol. Their mom was so funny. She said, “Butterfly garden, knitting lessons and piercings? You really are full service daycare!”
On Easter Sunday, we went to my cousin’s house with about 30-40 other relatives. The highlight was when my sister, Cait goaded me into playing a play station singing game. I couldn’t help myself…there were 80s songs.

Now I’m back to work. I’ve got a ton of writing to do in a very short time.

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7 thoughts on “I think I need a break from Spring Break

  1. Beautiful pictures! Years ago, we took our kids to a butterfly exhibit in Dallas and it was so cool.


  2. ‘Spent quality time in the ER’…yourself? Kids? Hope all is well up there…Too bad a butterfly didn’t try to fly down her pants; maybe then she’d have gotten a clue??


  3. Thanks Regina 🙂

    Hey Molly – it was my youngest, Corwin. He had a really wicked asthma attack that I couldn’t control with any of the meds I have here. It was pretty awful, but he’s doing much better now, thank goodness!


  4. Glad to hear Corwin is doing better. My Joy is going to the Butterfly Gardens with her class this week. Glad you had fun at the gardens.

    Love the pic’s.


  5. The butterfly garden is the best! I love it there.

    ER…not so much.


  6. Wow… that butterfly garden sounds fabulous. The thong thing??? Underwear shouldn’t ever be seen in public.


  7. Gorgous pictures. The underwear thing – not such a nice visual…

    Glad you had a good easter holidays for the most part.

    Kim Dare.


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