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It’s Almost Here!

Check it out! The lovely Fran Lee

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14 thoughts on “It’s Almost Here!

  1. Bronwyn, this looks very good. Good luck with the new release.


  2. Liked the trailer. I really really wanna read the book! Good luck on the release



  3. Looking forward to the book!


  4. Of course the trailer is wonderful and sexy! Fran did a great job. Best wishes on many sales.


  5. Love the trailer! Can’t wait to read the book!


  6. Browyn, loved the trailer and the book sounds like fun! Wishing you lots of sales!


  7. How nice of Fran to make a book trailer for you. It’s really cool. I found One True Media through her.

    Good luck with your book. I look forward to reading it.


  8. Congrats on you new release!


  9. Very, very nice. Congratulations!


  10. Hi, Bronwyn,

    Good luck with the new book. The cover is gorgeous. I liked the trailer, too, though there’s one line that is confusing – “He wants her to model for him — but she’s so — ordinary.” At first I thought that this was from the male character’s perspective, and that just didn’t make sense.

    Anyway, with those gorgeous bodies, probably nobody else will notice. I’ve probably been doing too much editing lately!



  11. I’ve read excerpts of this and DAY-UMMMM. Good stuff! Love the trailer, Bron! Fran is AWESOME.


  12. Great trailer, Bronwyn (And Fran!).

    Looking forward to the excerpt tomorrow 🙂

    Kim Dare.


  13. Happy Release Day, Bron! Looking forward to reading this!!


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