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Maybe it runs in families…

I spent most of the day yesterday at a family reunion. Us usual, I had a blast because I pretty much adore everyone in my fam. However, yesterday I discovered a new person to adore. It seems that after my uncle’s divorce, he got around a bit and had several kids with several different women.

We only just found out that we have these other cousins – one is off fighting in Iraq. I hope to meet him someday soon. One has moved out of state and one came to the reunion yesterday. We had a great time and it turns out that her passions are reading and writing, too! Who knew?!

We talked about our favorite books and our least favorite books and what we were currently working on. We talked about our grandparents who, unfortunately, she never got a chance to meet. I wish we’d found out about her (and the other cousins) sooner – our grandparents would have loved her. I’m thrilled that our family is expanding again and that I got a chance to meet this wonderful woman.

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4 thoughts on “Maybe it runs in families…

  1. How cool! That's so neat, isn't it?


  2. Isn't it a nice surprise when things like that happen?


  3. It's so great that you and your family are so welcoming. There are lots of families out there who wouldn't open their arms and accept a new member so easily. You are truly blessed, girl.
    And I'm so happy for you. Not just to have a new friend, but a writing one at that. What a great chance for both of you. Hope it all goes great. Hey, does she have any books out or is she just starting out?


  4. aw – love it.

    also enjoyed your past posts, like the 'good piece of rope' one you had as tribute to your dad.

    best, kid…


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