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I Has a Happy

Matt, my husband, has been working in Russia for the last two weeks, and he’s finally coming home today!!! Several of my friends have husbands that go away for up to a month at a time, so I know I’m really lucky – two weeks isn’t all that long. But, it is the longest we’ve been apart since college, and I can’t wait to see him!!!

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10 thoughts on “I Has a Happy

  1. Woo hoo:)

    Mine only goes away for 5-6 days at a time; enjoy your 'welcome home' celebration!


  2. Happy reunion day. You get to fall in love all over again.


  3. Get the chocolates and rose petals ready – Oh, and send the kids to the neighbors house.


  4. Ooh, so glad he's on his way home!


  5. Yay! No more Russia for the hubby. We all like him on the ground in America where he belongs.



  6. YAY!!! Doesn't it suck when they're gone?


  7. AWWWW. sniff sniff. I'm glad he's home!


  8. Heh. Mine spent 18 months in Boston when we lived in NY. Ya does what ya has to do. But it is NICE when they come home.


  9. You need to dress in a furry coat (not real fur, of course) and boots and great him at the door with just that on. Tell him your name is Zsa Zsa and let it play out from there….hehehe. I'm so bad!


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