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For fuck’s sake.

So this morning, after a week off for Spring Break, I’m trying to get ready to drive the kids to school. Everything is fine until I get out of the shower, and I attempt to put the leave-in conditioner in my hair.

Some tiny part of my brain registered that the bottle seemed to be spraying a larger amount than usual and that it smelled funny, but apparently that wasn’t enough for me to get a clue. Like normal, I bent at the waist and worked the stuff through my hair only to notice an odd bottle sitting on the counter as I stood. Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen, I worked a whole handful of Spray and Wash Stain Remover into my hair. Yeah, you read that right. Spray and wash. Stain remover in my hair.

At least it’s not as bad as the time when I accidentally shaved part of my head when Corwin was a newborn. I thought I’d picked up the pick to work the conditioner through my hair, only it was the razor and I took off a good chunk of hair off the top of my head. I didn’t eve n realize it until I ended up with a handful of hair. There was a lot of barrette wearing for a while after that little incident.

So here’s hoping the Spray and Wash doesn’t ruin my hair. I clearly wasn’t meant to function coherently at the asscrack of dawn.

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13 thoughts on “Seriously?

  1. *blink blink*

    I hope you rinsed it out!


  2. Well, at least your hair will be extra clean….


  3. It didn't take the color out of your hair, did it?


  4. This reminds me of the time I put lotion all over my face before I went to bed.

    Only, it wasn't lotion. It was Nair. And I had the burns on my face for several days to prove it.


  5. @ Chris – oh yeah, I rinsed it right out. Unfortunately, my scalp is a bit on the chemically burned side. 😦

    @ Margaret – and laundry soap fresh scented, too!

    @ Molly – I was worried about that, but I think it's okay.

    @ MamaT – I *knew* I liked you! That's so something I would do!


  6. Owwwww. 😦


  7. Stain remover? And didn't you just get your color done?? Hope it doesn't think the color treatment is a stain. I have a hilarious (but long) story about hair…I'll email you…


  8. Oh, and BTW, who the hell put it in the shower??? Smack.


  9. OMG, this made me laugh so hard. Not so much that *you* did it, but that it is sooo something I would do, and have done too many times to count.

    The most recent–I was driving and went to spray some scope breath spray in my mouth…Yeah I ended up with the little can of air freshener and gave myself a mouthful. I guess it helped my breath but ick!


  10. Sorry, is it alright to LOL already? Or are you not there yet? 😉
    I'm glad that it didn't seem to ruin your new color 🙂
    Hope the rest of this week will be much better for you, Bron!


  11. I HOPE it's alright to LOL. I've been LOLing since yesterday when she told me.

    I love my Bron. She makes me giggle and feel like I'm not the only sorry sucker out there.


  12. how is your hair doing? How are you doing?
    Did that stain remover hurt your scalp or your hair color?

    Okay get bagbalm, mix it with triple A antibotic OTC cream/ointment and put it on your scalp. Keep the scab soft. It will keep your head from scarring and allow your hair to grow back.

    Love ya!


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