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Is it too much to ask?

This isn’t a full-fledged rant or anything – it’s really more of a pondering. I had to buy new underwear the other day, because well…I needed them really bad. So here’s my question: when selling six packs of undies, is it too much to ask for underwear companies to put in more than two remotely decent colors in a package?

In the six pack I bought there were the following colors:

Pepto Bismol Pink
Mint green
Dull, almost dirty looking peach
Geometric pattern including all of the above mentioned colors

I genuinely like the beige and I’m fine with the white but the others offend my delicate sensibilities. I don’t do pastels. They make me uncomfortable – even if nobody sees it but me. I’m guessing that other people feel that way too since I can never find an packages of just white or just beige undies. Clearly, the other women whose delicate sensibilities are offended got there first.

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11 thoughts on “Is it too much to ask?

  1. If it make you feel any better. I don't do pastel undies either.


  2. Oh yeah, this is peeve of mine. Really, can I just buy a 3-pack or 6-pack of black underwear, please?


  3. I'm getting tired of my pink and purple ones:)

    Last batch I bought were white, gray, and black. I'm going back for another bag, since these are the 'stay put' kind!


  4. Molly: Oh, there's another peeve. I don't think the same style (even if it IS allegedly the same style) is ever in stock two visits in a row, making those “Oh! These underwear fit great! I must buy more!” trips very unsatisfying.


  5. Ladies, ladies…

    The solution is soooo simple.


    You'd be surprised how much you save on underwear, and now I don't have to worry about trying to get the camo pair to match anything I might actually wear!

    Hey, I'm just saying….



  6. LOL Chris:) That's when, the last time I bought bras, I bought several of the ones I loved, since it's hard to find my size!


  7. I have the same problem with multi packs of socks.


  8. Hm. Yes, I noticed the same problems. I can rarely even find white which totally pisses me off. I DON'T FUCKING WANT DAISIES ON MY ASS! Or the representation of picasso-y eyeballs and lips. I'm not 12.


  9. Kris, I can never find my camo pair. I hunt and hunt, but no panties. Nope.


  10. And I'll tell you something else, the larger size you need, the worse it gets.


  11. Black. Black is all I need.
    Just black, thanks.
    I'll wear the black until they make a darker color.


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