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Talking about vernacular pet peeves

over at the Writer’s Evolution blog. Please visit and add to the list! 🙂

And because no day is complete without a healthy dose of cute, I give you Willow sleeping on Morrighan’s belly.

You’re welcome.

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8 thoughts on “Talking about vernacular pet peeves

  1. Terminally cute!


  2. Okay… I'm sooo going to break out the camera. I gotta post a pick of poor Bandit being, well, loved by Popcorn. The cat has a thing for her and Bandit is very patient while he rubs all over her and snuggles into her belly. Now if they'd just stay still long enough to get the picture. I swear Bandit knows you're going to take a photo and jumps up…guess she doesn't want her fellow dog buddies to find out.

    Love the pic… heading over to evo…


  3. Awwwww….they look comfy:)


  4. Very cute kittens! 🙂


  5. Kira asks daily for a kitten after spending time with your little darlings…


  6. They look like they're wrestling, lol


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