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Back from vacation!

I spent a glorious week up in the U.P. with the fam. It was my dad and stepmom, my brother and his fam, my stepbrother and his fam, my other stepbrother, my sil’s dad, and because my dad and stepmom get along so well with my mom, she was invited too! Best. Family. Ever.

It was amazing and relaxing and I so wish I were still there! But I did miss my friends and my kitties…

We took an amazing mine tour to see bat habitats, but I’ll post more about that later in the week. (I’m sure Chris is thrilled by this prospect.) We also spent some quality time in Lake Michigan, at Lake Superior (the water is too damn cold to swim in!) at a few local lighthouses and on Indian Lake. I took a ridiculous amount of pictures – over 500! Thank goodness for digital cameras! But I promise not to bore you with all of them – just a select few. 😉

Sunset on Indian Lake where we spent the weekSunset on Indian Lake
Kitch-iti-kipi a.k.a. Big Spring
Kitch-iti-kipi a.k.a. Big Spring
Lake Michigan shore line in Manistique, MI.

The lighthouse at Manistique, MI – northern shore of Lake MI

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5 thoughts on “Back from vacation!

  1. I LOVE Kitchi-kee-pee or however it's spelled. I used to love feeding the trout there. Do they still have Snow White and the dwarves out there in the woods around it?


  2. Perdy, Bron!


  3. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos!

    Well, if I was THAT traumatized, I could definitely have hindered Bat Day. ;D


  4. What a gorgeous place! Sounds like you had a blast!


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