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Sigh…Sixteen *sob*

It’s Killian’s birthday, today. He’s 16.

I was foolishly looking through baby pictures – foolish, because now I’m feeling like a bit of a sad panda that my boy has gotten so old so quickly. I blinked and he went from wearing his Harry Potter robes everyday and flying around on his broomstick to texting his girlfriend (!) constantly.

I’m acutely aware of the fact that there are plenty of parents who would give anything to see their children turn 16 and never will, so I refuse to be depressed about it. I’m lucky to have this great kid. He very rarely gives me grief about anything, he’s pretty helpful, he’s kind and funny and sarcastic. He’s pretty much the perfect kid for me. Note: I didn’t say perfect – just perfect for our family. I feel incredibly lucky to have gotten this one.

This is Killian at about 18 months (and my mama). Whenever my mom comes over, the first thing she does is put the kettle on the stove for tea. Doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer – there must be tea. When Killian was little, she’d always share her tea with him. In fact, as soon as she’d walk in, his little face would light up and he’d run to the kitchen gate babbling, “Grammywansometea.” Which translates to “Grammy want some tea?” We still joke that Grammywansometea is her Native American name.

Damn…I still need to make cake!

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14 thoughts on “Sigh…Sixteen *sob*

  1. What a beautiful post! I love every single day with my kids because I am lucky and blessed to have them. What a great kid and what a great mom and gramom!


  2. Happy birthday to your big boy!


  3. Happy Birthday to your son, Bron. Your post is a great reminder of how blessed we our to have our children.


  4. Happy birthday, Killian!!!


  5. Happy birthday to the K-man!!! And K, no matter what she says…I know the real truth 😉

    Have a great year and don't give your mom too many gray hairs from the driving.


  6. Oh and Bron, don't let him help you make the cake 😉


  7. @ Julia – Awww, thanks 🙂 My mom is super awesome. I have a great model to follow. 🙂

    @ Margaret – I'll tell him Aunt Margaret says Happy Birthday. 🙂 He's so big…

    @ Amber – Thank you! And I agree – very, very blessed.

    @ Chris – I'll pass it along, too. 😀

    @ Brynn – LOL – And you've been camping with him!!! 😀 Yeah…the cake. Still haven't done it yet…


  8. Sixteen years ago, your mother looked like a tarted-up version of you!


  9. But birthday or not, Full Metal Alchemist is still ridiculous.


  10. Happy birthday Killian:)

    Has he started driving yet? Indiana has a law which says kids cannot get their licenses until 180 days after their 16th b-day. Sara discovered her 180th day falls on New Year's Day; I told her she could wait until AFTER the holidays!


  11. Happy Birthday Killian,

    Sweet 16!

    Bad movie, but great birthday. Legal to drive… now all you need to do is score a car, wink wink, and the texting of the girlfriend might take a bit of a rest.

    hugs to you and K…


  12. awww! Such a pretty boy. I bet he is very handsome. 🙂



  13. (still laughing at Jen's comment)

    Happy birthday Killian, from one of your Mom's “cool” friends. heh. No, I'm never forgetting you said that. Gonna hold it over your head ForEVAH…along with pancakes. And syrup. And inappropriate table jokes.

    You're doing a great job, Bron. Your kids prove it.


  14. Love the post Bron. Happy be-lated birthday from us.


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