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A few days ago, I at one of the local Meijer stores with Mia (if you’re not familiar, think Target…with groceries) and we spotted a display of Santa Clauses. There were traditional Santas, St. Nicholas type Santas, skiing Santas, woodland Santas, fishing Santas wearing a vest and a floppy fishing hat, hunting Santas wearing camouflage holding a rifle, and then…there was this guy.

Hippie Santa.

Please note the fringed vest, head band, flower, peace symbol necklace and (weirdly patriotic) love beads.

Now, I admit, I have a certain fondness for hippies. It could be because of the guy who used to work at the daycare center I attended as a child and sang us Eagles songs on his acoustic guitar. It could be all the delicious homemade granola my mom made for us when we were little. It could even be tambourine playing-rock band groupie-skirt and scarf wearing (her collection rivaled Stevie Nicks’) Aunt Malita.

However, I’m not sure how I feel about this guy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all about peace, love and understanding and also the joy of Christmas…but I think I find hippie Santa both awesome and disconcerting. Or maybe, awesomely disconcerting.

What do you think of him?

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9 thoughts on “Whaaaaaaa…???

  1. I'm not sure I can even discern where the Hippie ends and the Santa begins… I mean, this dude looks just like a guy my husband goes camping with.


  2. Are you SURE he's Santa and not just an old Deadhead? 😀

    And here Target has groceries – that changes it from a Target or a Target Greatland to a Super Target. Oh! The excitement!


  3. That just looks wrong…Santa on vacation and stuck in the 60's. What's next, Disco Santa?


  4. I think YOU are delicious homemade granola! 🙂

    Plus I loved that hippie and so wanted to look at him out of the corner of my eye…like maybe he didn't actually exist if I didn't look full on. LOL.

    PS. The duck is wearing a puffy snowman costume today!!! LOLOL!! I love that lady!

    wv LOL: vermen ('nuff said)


  5. Molly, they might have had disco Santa on that display. Seriously.


  6. Um – wow – that's more than a little weird.


  7. I like him. 'Cuz let's face it, without the red suit, the guy totally looks like a hippie anyway.


  8. I think I'd have to walk away. No hippie Santas.


  9. Yes, we have Target with groceries, too. It's not Whole Foods, but it will do in a pinch.

    I've heard it said, “Old hippies never die.”

    Now we know what happens to them.


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