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I’m all over the freaking place – literally and figuratively!

So, today I’m off to the lovely town of Saugatuck to see a friend I haven’t seen in ages. It should be fun – we’re sewing new curtains for her new house. Have sewing machine – will travel. That’s my motto. So anyone need any mending down while I’m on the lake shore?

I’m also visiting online friends today, too!

Just in time for holiday reading, the fantasticly awesome Chris is giving away a copy of my recently expanded re-release, Solstice Seduction from TEB. Stop by and comment to win a copy! Also, comment on Anna Mayle’s contest while you’re there to win one of the best damn books I’ve read all year!

The ever lovely Julia Rachel Barrett is also featuring Solstice Seduction on her blog and I’d love it if you stopped by and said hi!

And last, but definitely not least, fellow Michigan writer and Grand Rapids Region Writer’s Group member, WS Gager is blogging about twelve writers who have impacted her writing career and I made her list. She says the sweetest things!

Derp! Wait – there’s one more place! I’m over at the Writer’s Evolution blog today talking about holiday traditions. Check it out for a cute, easy craft project to do with kids – makes a great grandparent present! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “I’m all over the freaking place – literally and figuratively!

  1. …she jumped in her car (with her sewing machine) and drove madly off in all direction…

    Aw, thanks for the sweet words!


  2. Anyone ever tell you not to spread yourself too thin? LOL:)

    Say hi to Mz Mia for me!


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