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Who Wants a Nook Color?

Welcome to 2011!

The holiday insanity is past (I hope) and it’s time to relax. What better way to do that than with a good book…or twelve? The only thing that would make it better is reading them on a brand new Nook Color, right?

Then, have I got the contest for you!

Six sexy authors of erotic romance are coming together with a fabulous giveaway to usher in the New Year! And entering couldn’t be simpler.

Just visit each of our blogs beginning January 3rd, and leave a comment on the contest post with:

* your name (or user name) and contact email, and
* your top two (2) choices from the author’s backlist to kick-start your Nook library should you win.

Contest will close at Noon ET on Tuesday, January 11, 2011, and a winner will be drawn at 1:11pm ET from all the readers who commented on all six blogs:

Gwendolyn Cease

Suzanne Graham

Bronwyn Green

Jessica Jarman

Kris Norris

Devon Rhodes

The Grand Prize winner will receive a brand new Nook Color and two ebooks of their choice from each author!

Second Prize will be winner’s choice of ebook from each author’s backlist!

Third Prize will be winner’s choice of an available print book personalized and signed by the author!

More surprises and prizes at each blog, so what are you waiting for? The clock is ticking, and when it comes up all ones, you could be the winner!!

Here are the all important details:

* In order to be eligible for the drawing, you must leave a comment at each of the six blogs with your email address and choice of two books. We’re sorry, but anyone who misses a blog or forgets to leave their contact info will be disqualified.

* All comments must be posted by 12:00 Noon, ET, on January 11th.

* Valid entry comments must be in response to the official Contest post on each blog, although we also welcome comments on other posts, so feel free to poke around!

* The Nook will be shipped directly from the store to the winner’s house. Ebooks will be emailed separately to the winner.

* Winner must respond to Jessica within three days or an alternate winner will be announced.

I will also be drawing a consolation prize from non-winning entries on that day to win their choice of ebook from my backlist. Just wander over to my website to check them out!

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130 thoughts on “Who Wants a Nook Color?

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  1. Amy D

    Cuffed and Dangerous
    Maggie's Mates


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


  3. Overlord's Vessel
    Soltice Seduction

    LOVE your books! Got to support my home state authors!



  4. My choices would be Cuffed and Dangerous and Handcuffs and Lies.




  5. Thank you for having this contest!!


    I would love to read
    I Put a Spell on You
    Overlord's Vessel


  6. They all sound wonderful but if I have to pick, I would love to read Immortal Curse and Solstice Seduction. Thanks for the chance to win.

    Sheri C.


  7. Coolness!
    Maggies Mates and Just Right
    Beverly C.


  8. Moonlit Menace and Legend Anthology. Great contest!

    jhalisteele at


  9. What a fantastic contest! thanks
    I wold love Solstice Seduction and Immortal Curse
    debby236 at att dot net


  10. Tara W.

    Moonlit Magic
    Overlord's Vessel

    Gotta love free stuff!


  11. Joseph Conn

    Celtic Fire Solstice Seduction Book 1 in Celtic Fire Series
    Celtic Fire Moonlit Magic Legend Anthology Book 2


  12. Maggie's Mates and Just Right

    Happy New Year!

    Chris Roberts


  13. Magic's Embrace
    Cuffed & Dangerous

    JC Waldo

    Wish I had heard about this contest sooner! Just found out and what a blast.



  14. wow, this is a great contest and a great way to find new authors!

    My choices are:
    Maggie's Mates
    Just Right

    shellya121 (at) yahoo (dot) com


  15. Anonymous on said:

    Great contest! Stacey Jo,

    Mist and Stone and Ronan's Grail


  16. This comment has been removed by the author.


  17. Please count me in

    Moonlit Menage
    Maggie's Mates

    Thank you


  18. Hello and thanks for this wonderful opportunity to win. My choices are:

    Best Laid Plans

    Mist and Stone

    Thanks again,
    Jennifer M.

    cellardoor4 (at) netzero (dot) net


  19. These titles look interesting to me: Cuffed and Dangerous
    Maggie's Mates
    Thanks for being a part of this giveaway.


  20. This has been fun, but it's hard to decide on the books.

    Just Right & MAggie's Mates



  21. Cool contest, thanks to all the authors putting this on and giving readers a chance to win a cool Nook. LOL My choices are Immortal Curse and Moonlight Magic.


  22. Love the contest…
    Would love even more to be the winner!

    Would love to read Handcuffs & lies and Cuffed and Dangerous.

    Thank you


  23. Great contest! 😀

    Name: Nikyta
    Choices: Maggie's Mates & Solstice Seduction

    Thanks you guys! 😀


  24. Hi Bronwyn,

    Just wanted to say first I love your books. Just finished up Maggie's Mates the other night and looking forward to picking up Immortal Curse and Solstice Seduction soon. I would love to win the nook because I am just to cheap to buy one when I can spend my money on books. So until I win one I will keep reading them on my computer.

    Terra Pennington


  25. Maureen Willmann

    From the Ruins
    Mist and Stone

    I'm excited for this contest! 😀


  26. This is the best contest ever!!


    Mist And Stone
    Magic's Embrace


  27. Awesome contest! I enjoyed reading all the excerpts and look forward to reading your books.

    I'd love to win…
    Celtic Fire: Moonlit Magic

    Teresa B.


  28. Hi Ms Green, I love tis contest, thanks for entering me. My choices are Just Right ( Not Quite Wicked) and Magic's Embrace.


  29. What a great contest. I would love to win a nook.

    I would like:
    Maggie's Mates
    Cuffed and Dangerous

    Linda C


  30. Angie Q. on said:

    Angie Quito

    Cuffed & Dangerous
    Moonlit Magic


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