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This is why my damn tree is still up!

Okay, so we’ve been trying to take down the tree. It’s undecorated and the top portion is off. I’m sick of looking at it, and I want to put my rocking chair back where it belongs.

But…there’s this…

Enjoy it girls. The tree is coming down tonight!

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7 thoughts on “This is why my damn tree is still up!

  1. Aww… but they're having so much fun!


  2. Our kitties enjoyed the tree too but once we got ornaments on it, we have to keep them from it. 😦


  3. They do look happy with their toy.


  4. Think they'll remember it next year? “YAY, it's back!”

    “Tree! How I've missed you!”


  5. OMGHOWFREAKINADORABLE! Awwwwwww! C'mon, meanie, leave the tree up.


  6. You are so much braver than me. I refuse to allow the boys in the tree. Of course it also might be that they are a combined weight of over 30 pounds and would probably crush it. Hey they're big boned. *bg*


  7. Aw Honey. You have to bite to bullet and kick their little butts out of that tree.


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