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Perfect Strangers

I’m super excited. Today’s the day my Perfect Strangers story, Dark Sidhe Claimed, comes out with All Romance eBooks! Yep…it’s a new faery story!

Here’s the blurb and my shiny new cover.

Just one little wish, what could possibly go wrong?

Hunted by both the Kings of the Sidhe and the Dark Sidhe, Tama, Princess of the Seelie Court has sought refuge in the human world. When an ill-timed wish by a friend has reveals her location, she knows she has to leave the life she’s created.

Unfortunately for Tama, Kier and Rylan, two Dark Sidhe mercenaries, find her first. The attraction between them is explosive, but is a wish and unbridled lust enough for perfect strangers to become perfect mates?

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3 thoughts on “Perfect Strangers

  1. So, it's Larry and Balki hooking up with a fairy, then?


  2. Congrats on the new release!


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