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Riding in Cars with Boys – Part Nine

So, Killian went to his first concert last week – Devil Driver. Or maybe it’s Devildriver. I’m not sure. I just know that they suck. A lot. However, I’m fairly certain my mom didn’t think Adam Ant, Billy Idol, Hazel O’Connor and Duran Duran were nearly as good an idea as I did. But I digress.

He went to the concert with Justin (Not-Kevin has far better taste in music) and on the way home from school the next day, they were doing the post game wrap-up.

Justin: What the fuck was with that opening band?!

Me: Who was it?

Justin: I dunno…Cancer Bats. That was it.

Me: Cancer…Bats?

Killian: Yeah. They were horribad. I have three words for you. Canadian. Death. Metal.

Me: What made them identifiably Canadian?

Killian: There was a song about a moose.

Me: Wait. A death metal song about a moose?

Justin: Oh yeah.

Me: Did anyone like them?

Justin: No. But this is Michigan. We’ll mosh to anything.

Killian: True story. We’re a desperate people.

I couldn’t really disagree.

BTW, if you’ve missed any Riding in Cars with Boys posts and you want to catch up, please go here, scroll down and read from the bottom on up.

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19 thoughts on “Riding in Cars with Boys – Part Nine

  1. *blink blink*

    My first concert was… Juice Newton. I know, I know…


  2. “Just call me angel of the morning…”

    Somehow, I'm betting the boys wouldn't mosh to that!


  3. Um, no. 😀

    I've seen so many concerts at this point that I can't remember them all. Everything from Ween to the Violent Femmes to Pere Ubu to R.E.M. to Cloud Cult to Neil Young (solo acoustic!) to Leondard Cohen to Bob Mould to the Gear Daddies to X…. and that's only a few. 😀


  4. I just read your post to my husband…yep, we finally got married….who is Canadian. He doesn't recognize the band, but the look on his face as I was reading to him was just as funny as the post itself.

    Keep posting about the boys, I love reading about them and they are usually the high light of my day.


  5. ROFL!

    Oh how I've missed riding in the car with boys.


  6. Bwa ha ha! Awesome.


  7. *snort*

    These boys are amazing. 🙂


  8. Cancer bats? That sounds like something there would be a article about. “Top Five Animals You Won't Believe Aren't Made Up” or something.


  9. ROFL!

    Cancer Bats?


    I love these posts!


  10. I love those boys!

    (My first one was…don't tell…Mister Mister.)


  11. I needed this ROTFLMAO today! Thank your boys for me! Cancer Bats!


  12. Thank you for bringing back riding in cars with boys…. My first concert was Chicago. I love your boys conversations.



  13. Hey…how about Ratt and Twisted Sister? No? Maybe Ozzy? (No, not the one married to Harriett!)


  14. Try Arlo Guthrie:) I'm trying to imagine the boys moshing to “Alice's Restaurant”…it ain't pretty.


  15. Classic!!
    Do these boys know how much entertainment they are bringing to others??
    My first concert was Peter Frampton/J Giels/Steve Miller – it was quite a night!


  16. My first concert was Journey. Yeah, I know not hardcore at all. But I have been to Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson opened for them. So that's gotta get me some cred somewhere. Right?? LOL


  17. Canadian. Death. Metal….I think you should use that as a book title, Bron! (Take it as a challenge!)


    I think my first concert was The Eagles (haven't been to many). Truly awesome, despite the fact that I was in a cast. (Broke my foot at a chess tournament. Yup, there's a story there…!)


  18. @ Chris – I haz the jellis over some of your concerts!

    @ CLJ – First off, Congratulations, hon – to both you and your hubby!!! I'll try to get some more boy posts up soon!

    @ jrpatrick – 😀 I'm glad I could provide!

    @ Margaret – I thought you'd like this one. 😀

    @ Mia – I think so, too!

    @ Jen – IKR!

    @ Simone – Thanks!! 😀

    @ Theresa – “Take these broken wings…” 😉

    @ Julia – I'm so glad I got this post up. I thought it was hilarious, too. But I *am* biased. 😉

    @ Martha – I love their convos, too. They never fail to surprise and delight me!

    @ Fran – Oh they do enjoy the occasional Ozzy song, but I'm relieved there's no Ratt. Couldn't stand that the first time around – lol!

    @ Paris – Believe it or not, Killian knows Alice's Restaurant. We have a family tradition that we play it in the car on the way to my aunt's for Thanksgiving. This year, he insisted that we play it for Justin on the way to school! 😀

    @ Tessie – No! They have no idea! I think they'd either try too hard or clam up. I will be making a book for each of them when they graduate as a memento of the carpool of awesomeness, though. 😀

    @ Gwen – Killian likes to torment me with Journey. He waits 'til I'm trapped somewhere and then tortures me 'til it's stuck in my head.

    @ Lisabet – I'm not sure I've got that much creativity in me to use that for a title – LOL! I'm SO sorry about your ankle! Dare I ask how one breaks an ankle at a chess tournament? I hope you feel better soon!!!


  19. Canadian. Death. Metal. About a Moose! *Snicker* Oh God I love your boys! ^_^


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