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The stuff I woke up to…

Okay, I’ve been a super bad blogger this week, but I have good reasons. Four hellish deadlines breathing down my neck, standing water in my damn basement due to the unending rain we’ve had this week, scads of appointments and today is my SIL’s wedding. But still, I have it so much better than some people, so definitely not complaining…too much.

But I thought I’d try to redeem myself for my bad blogging ways by sharing the series of texts from my sister that I woke up to this morning. I hope they make you smile, too. 🙂

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6 thoughts on “The stuff I woke up to…

  1. oh my god! lol! I can imagine her saying all that without taking a breath. 🙂

    love you!


  2. I love her! So, she switched from those energy drinks to coffee, eh? God help us all.


  3. Like Jase, I imagine her saying all of that without taking a breath. 🙂


  4. I want to come up for margarita night:)


  5. LOL! Go, Cait, go! 🙂 Giant run-on thoughts are awesome.


  6. and not a single bit of that will end up on…I'm impressed!


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