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Texts from Cait

I’ve been a bad, bad blogger. Again. Stupid deadline. But, I just had this conversation with my sister, Cait, that I thought I’d share because it amused me, and I hope it’ll amuse you, too.

(Editor’s Note: the Exxon Valdez is a shirt Cait used to have that was a cleavage spill waiting to happen. And if you’re wondering why the time stamps on the messages are off, it’s because I forgot to take a screen shot of one. All right then, carry on.)

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7 thoughts on “Texts from Cait

  1. So did she go with the black shirt? lolololol!


  2. o that was too funny i love it!


  3. Can't go wrong with the black shirt, nope.


  4. I think the black shirt was the best choice. 😉


  5. “Texts from Cait” is my new favorite thing, right next to “Riding in Cars with Boys.”


  6. I so want the link to the youtube video


  7. Oh! I love that she got the lesbian edition!

    Can I please meet your sis? Pretty please! She sounds like a hoot, and who wouldn't want to go to a bubble party?


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