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More Texts from Cait

Soooooo, I woke up to this on my phone this morning. Cait clearly had an lovely time. See for yourself… And no, I have absolutely no desire to go with in two weeks.

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8 thoughts on “More Texts from Cait

  1. This comment has been removed by the author.


  2. lmao sounds like she had a real good time. too funny


  3. So….I take it she had fun?


  4. Epic! I think not going is a wise, wise plan. 🙂


  5. *g* I LOVE living through other people's vices. Too much fun!


  6. Yeah, so WHERE am I going in two weeks? I think I need directions…


  7. Ok so I just read the last one…right in my own backyard! *evil laugh*.


  8. I'm glad that she had a great time!


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