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Riding in Cars with Boys – Part Twelve

The other day Corwin told me that he’d be having a party in his choir class today. The deal is that the kids all sign up for something that their parents will then provide.

Corwin: I signed you up for the easiest thing, mama.”

Me: Cool. Please let it be paper plates. Please let it be paper plates. What is it?

Corwin: (smiling happily) Fruit!

Me: Oh. Guh – the most expensive messy thing to bring.

Corwin: That way you don’t have to cook. I know you hate cooking.

So that really was very sweet of the boy. And since I’m busy (and also lazy) I bought a fresh fruit tray at Meijer. This morning when we went to pick up Justin for school, the fruit tray rode in the middle of the back seat.

Corwin: Watch out for the fruity goodness.

Justin: Why to I have to ride share with a tub of fruit?

Corwin: Because it’s for the choir party at school today.

Justin: Whoa! The bitch is actually letting you guys have a party?

Corwin: Yep.

Justin: You know it’s just a ruse to steal your soul, right?

Corwin: Meh. I already sold mine to video games.

Justin: Enjoy the fruit. You’re safe.

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18 thoughts on “Riding in Cars with Boys – Part Twelve

  1. OMG LMAO I love your boys I swear you could get so many plot bunnies from them to make a kids book and it would be highly ranked. Love it. Cynthia


  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


  3. I love your boys!!! OMG! Too Funny!


  4. You are truly blessed with wonderful boys. I love it when you share them with us! ^_^ and I agree with Cynthia, their moments would be great in a book! I'd buy it! ^_^



  5. LOL – it's good to know Corwin has his priorities…


  6. ROFLMAO! They do have their priorities straight.


  7. Bwa ha ha! Awesome.


  8. LMAO…your sons are so funny.


  9. LMAO!!! So funny! Why is it we so often get signed up by our kids for the crappy stuff? I once had my whole house donated for a party. GAH. But how do you say no?


  10. Hahaha! Could you take them for rides now and then over the summer please?


  11. LOL! I can totally see him saying that with a shrug and being pretty much serious. Plus, I love the way Justin capped that off nicely.


  12. It seems poetic that you got the fruit plate.

    And yeah… great to know his soul is already secure, lol. Great snippet… LOL.


  13. Another fun post, Bron!

    What I wonder is whether they KNOW how cute and smart they are. Do they know about your blog posts?



  14. LOL!! loved it…thanks for sharing 🙂


  15. This comment has been removed by the author.


  16. I love your boys. I'm with Barbara…rides over the summer. Don't you take them anywhere over the summer?


  17. OMG, I so needed a laugh. Your guys are the best:)


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