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Texts from Cait – Part Five

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6 thoughts on “Texts from Cait – Part Five

  1. I love your conversations with Cait. THank you for sharing.


  2. shelli rodgers on said:

    i look forward to these lol i love it


  3. Ha! Best conversation ever. But the whole “wolf on Leonard Street” concerns me. Please tell me someone else was behind the wheel and you were not texting and driving!


  4. And how did you and Cait celebrate Labyrinth Day on June 27?


  5. @ Simone – You're welcome!

    @ Shelli – I'm so glad! 😀

    @ Margaret – God no! I promise. I'd never text and drive. I waited to send that after I'd pulled over to call the cops. Also…I'm the proud owner of a hands free headset. 😉

    @ Chris – I'm not sure about Cait, but I celebrated by getting antibiotics and trying to sleep off my plague. 😦 The Gobblin King deserved so much better…


  6. Oh my Jebus Bron, I don't think I've laughed so hard in my life. Well, except for when I read the “Riding in cars with boys” posts. Loved the “multi diamond bitch, multi diamond” text to end the texts…instant classic! Thanks for sharing…I love them!


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