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The cute! Let me show it to you!

My friend Kim Dare’s mom is made of awesome. Let me show you why. She made me an adorable Christmas elf doll for me! Then she decided that the elf doll (who still needs a name) might be lonely on her trip to the States from Wales, so she crocheted her a Welsh elf in traditional Welsh costume right down the the leek! Since my Gram was from Wales, I’ve had a lot of Welsh dolls over the years – this one is my favorite! 🙂

After she made these dolls, she made one for Kim. A little BDSM elf doll. His name is Switchy and he’s adorable! Go here and take a peek – and also be in awe of her mom! She clearly rocks!

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2 thoughts on “The cute! Let me show it to you!

  1. Switchy decided to stay in Wales whilst his friends made their way to the New World. 🙂

    They are adorable!


  2. OMG Switchy is too cute! The elf is awesome as well. Yet another reason why I need to learn to crochet. 🙂


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