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Who Wants to Win a Brand New Kindle Fire?

Welcome to 2012! And what better way to celebrate than with a brand new Kindle Fire!

Six sexy TEB authors are coming together with a fabulous giveaway to usher in the New Year! And entering couldn’t be simpler.

Just visit each of our blogs beginning January 1st, and leave a comment on the contest post with:

* your name (or user name) and contact email, and
* your top two (2) choices from the author’s backlist to kick-start your Kindle library should you win.

Contest will close at Noon ET on Tuesday, January 10, 2012, and a winner will be drawn from all the readers who commented on all six blogs:

Gwendolyn Cease
Suzanne Graham
Bronwyn Green
Jessica Jarman
Kris Norris
Devon Rhodes

The Grand Prize winner will receive a brand new Kindle Fire and two ebooks of their choice from each author!!

Second Prize will be winner’s choice of two ebooks from each author’s backlist…that’s 12 new books!

Third Prize will be winner’s choice of ebook from each author’s backlist…that’s 6 new books!

More surprises and prizes at each blog, so what are you waiting for? The clock is ticking, so Fire up the New Year and you could be the winner!!

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66 thoughts on “Who Wants to Win a Brand New Kindle Fire?

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  1. Happy New year, Thank you for a chance to win a kindle fire!!


    1. Immortal Curse
    2. Summer Surrender



  2. Thanks for the giveaway!
    My picks are:
    Handcuffs & Lies and Cuffed & Dangerous

    cayce006 at yahoo dot com


  3. Anonymous on said:

    I'd love to enter the contest to win a kindle!

    my picks of your books are…
    Autumn Sacrifice
    Summer Surrender

    Tara R.


  4. Thank you for a fantastic contest! You are a new author for me, so anything I could win would be fabulous, but I'll go with:

    Maggie's Mates
    Just Right


  5. What a great contest! I chose:
    Immortal Curse &
    Solstice Seduction

    Thank You!


  6. After much deliberation, I'd like Just Right & Not Quite Wicked.

    Thanks for sucha great giveaway!



  7. Happy New Year, and thank you for the contest for books and the newest Kindle! I hope I was looking at the various sites correctly for your back-book titles. I really liked the look of Overlord's Chosen and Immortal Curse.

    My screen name is Kyreadinggirl
    My email is Kyreadinggirl (at) yahoo (dot) com

    Thanks so much!


  8. Thank you for this contest. Can you please enter me in the contest.

    any book will do (and I hope a kindle to read them on)


    yinyang1062 (at) yahoo (dot) com


  9. Nice Contest!

    1. Handcuffs & Lies
    2. Cuffed & Dangerous


  10. Thanks for the fun contest! Good luck everyone!

    I would love Immortal Curse and Mist and Stone.



  11. Fun contest! I'd like to read Handcuffs and Lies and Moonlit Magic. Both look very good! Thanks!!


  12. Excellent Contest!


    Dark Sidhe Claimed and Immortal Curse


  13. Excellent Contest!

    My choices are:
    Just Right
    Moonlit Menage

    User name is Smut Bitch
    Email is

    Thanks for this chance to win!


  14. Anne B on said:

    I'd love to get “Ronan's Grail” and “Mist and Stone”.

    anneb_in AT yahoo DOT com


  15. Anonymous on said:

    I would love to have copies of both:

    1. Guardian's Challenge
    2. Overlord's Chosen

    Katrina J.

    Thanks for the opportunity!


  16. Anonymous on said:

    Thank you for the great contest!
    If I won I'd like Mist & Stone and I Put a Spell on You



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