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Riding in Cars with Boys – Part Seventeen

Remember the Bromance conversation? Well, there’s more.

After school, a new kid headed toward the car with Killian, Justin and Not-Kevin. He was pretty tall, carried a guitar slung over his shoulder and had the biggest afro I’ve ever seen outside of the 70s. It was kind of mesmerizing really. His mousy brown hair billowed in the wind, at least six inches above his pasty, scruffy face. They all piled into the car with the new kid in the middle of the backseat.

Me: Um…hi.

New Kid: Hi.

Justin: This broski here is Cory.

Me: Hey Cory. Nice to meet you.

Cory: (nodding, his massive hair bouncing back and forth) Likewise.

Killian: Yeah. Bromigo is gonna teach us how to read guitar tabs, so we can actually play.

Not-Kevin: And start a band.

Me: Sweet. Okay, where to then?

Justin: (nods toward Not-Kevin) Over at Brobama’s.

Me: All righty.

I go to back out and look in my rearview mirror. All I can see is Cory’s downy soft fro. Hitting the ceiling of my car.

Me: Soooooo, Cory, you’re gonna need to duck your head so I can back out.

He scootches down in his seat. His hair is still blocking my entire line of vision.

Me: Uh…yeah. That’s not really working for me. I hate to say it, but you’re gonna have to hold it down. Sorry about that.

Cory: No problem. Happens all the time.

Not-Kevin (nodding sagely) And that’s why we call him Fro-bro Baggins.

And I still couldn’t back out because I was laughing too damn hard.

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13 thoughts on “Riding in Cars with Boys – Part Seventeen

  1. LMAO! Thanks for sharing!

    How many more years do we have before they graduate? I'm thinking you're going to have to have them repeat a few grades just so we can still have Riding in Cars with Boys.


  2. Big win! I like how all the Riding in Cars with Boys kids always attract likeminded awesome sauce boys. That's fantastic. Also good for a needed laugh.


  3. Wow. You have SO many things to be thankful for. These boys are priceless.


  4. LOL! Ah, they are clever, clever boys. 🙂


  5. These boys always make me smile!


  6. LOL…we have a 'Cory'…his name is Ian:) I'll have to ask K if they call him any special names!


  7. LMAO! I love Riding in Cars with Boys. These boys are great.


  8. HAHAHAHAHA!! OMG your boys are the best.


  9. That's just so adorable! Oh, right, teenagers don't like to be called that, but really …


  10. Too funny….

    Can't wait to see what they think up next.


  11. I can never resist your boys!

    Can't wait to hear more about their band. Actually it's kind of reassuring that forty years after my high school years, guys STILL want to be guitar heroes.


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