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Texts from Cait – Part Ten

I love pulling my phone out of my purse and finding stuff like this. Yepper – it’s time for another round of texts from Cait. I’m so glad I won the sister lottery. 😀

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6 thoughts on “Texts from Cait – Part Ten

  1. LOL… I adore your sister. 🙂


  2. P.S. Phinneas & Ferb, ftw!!


  3. LOL – Love Cait. Thank you for sharing.


  4. LOL Love your sisters texts.


  5. *snortlaugh*


  6. I'm dying to know “why the nutella boob?” for the record. However, falling asleep in front of the history channel is not unheard of. Those droning voicing could put someone in a coma sometimes.

    single and otherwise unattached to kidlings appears to have its mysterious merits.


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