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Another Misread

There’s a billboard that I pass every morning on my way to take the boys to school. It says:

Dealing with depression? Anxiety or other problems? Let us help.

Only, I keep reading

It should be noted that Pinerest is a mental health facility. Pinterest is not.

However, I do find that it decreases my anxiety. Coincidence? I think not.

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4 thoughts on “Another Misread

  1. LOL! That's awesome. And my captcha is “issues, thearby”, which I just read as “issues, therapy”…


  2. Haha! I would totally read it the same.


  3. DUDE. I saw that on our way to Muskegon a few days ago. I even tweeted about it.


  4. I totally read the word as pintrest and had to reread to see pinerest. Sort of like autofill for the brain.


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