For those of you unfamiliar with Texts from Cait, this is the part of the blog were I post *hilarious text messages from my little sister.

* It’s entirely possible that they may be far more hilarious to me than everyone else, but I’m sharing anyway in hopes that someone gets a much needed giggle.

I got this picture Sunday morning right after I got up at unholy o’clock. (Click to embiggen)

4 thoughts on “Texts from Cait – Part Thirteen (The one where Cait rants about Australia)

  1. April Riley says:

    OMG! Your Sister is the BEST!!!


  2. Slap Cait in the neck for me. Then say, “Bitches get slapped in the neck,” and remind her that I named my daughter Wednesday.


  3. Anya Breton says:

    lol, she cracks me up


  4. Genskie says:

    LOL wow your sister is really funny..



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