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Things My Husband Says

*blowing the dust off the blog*

Yeah… It’s been a while. And also crazy busy, but what else is new? It’s been the usual chaos – the day job, writing, volunteering at my kid’s school, getting ready for RT and now, this.

Matt’s work gave all of the IT department money toward a Kindle or an iPad as reward for going above and beyond the call of duty – basically working 14-16 hour days for an entire month. So Matt got an iPad.

Earlier this week, I pointed out that he could get free kindle books if he wanted to try out some new authors, so he happily downloaded a pile of books and has been reading ever since.

Today, this conversation happened.

Matt: Question?

Me: How am I still so awesome after all these years? No clue.

Matt: No. How do I tell if the books I’m downloading are your kind of books.

Me: By ‘my kind of books’, do you mean the kind I write? If so, the mostly naked people on the cover should be a big tip off.

Matt: No – I mean books that you read.

Me: I read a lot of different kinds of books.

Matt: I don’t know…I girly books. I think this might be one.

Me: Girly books? Seriously? First off, fuck you. Secondly, do you mean romance?

Matt: I guess.

Me: Go to the Amazon page for the book and look at the genre. What does it say?

Matt: It says romance. I’m screwed.

Me: Why? Because you like it?

Matt: No because I’m mostly done with it and now I have to finish it.

(He’s never DNFed a book no matter how bad it was or how much he hated it)

Me: *eyeroll*

Matt: *sigh* I guess this explains all the feelings in here.

Yep – this is the one I have.

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6 thoughts on “Things My Husband Says

  1. feelings are so covered in girl cooties! eeeww!


  2. Bahahahahahaa! Even if he liked it he wouldn't admit it now if he's like most men I know. 😉


  3. LOL. The description wasn't a tip off?


  4. Phuong on said:

    LMAO!!! I loved this convo 🙂


  5. Let's not mention the slippery slope to him just yet… 😉


  6. OMg… damn near spit my diet coke across the room… that would explain all the feelings in it… god, that man is awesome…


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