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Sigh…My Dream Yard

Welcome to Wednesday Randomness. A few months ago, we blogged about our dream houses – you can see mine here. This week, we’re blogging about our dream yards. So sit back and relax, because my imaginary yard is huuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggeeeeee. It’s also full of cool things.

Like this awesome spiral-y walkway that will lead you around my sprawling yard.

Here’s a handy sign post in case you need directions.

Wander under the arch to visit the gardens.

Veggies and flowers everywhere.

And here’s my garden helper.

And there’s this guy in my little water feature.

If you’re tired from wandering the garden, you can sit here.

Or here.

Or here if you fancy a bit of outdoor reading.

If you’re chilly, you can cwtch up with this quilt.

And if you’re really tired, you can have a bit of a lie down here.

Or here.

Or in my awesome blanket fort.

Or the swing by the water.

And because we’ll probably need some company. So these guys will be here, too. Now, play nice.

Tim can provide the music. I’m sure I must have a piano back there, somewhere.

And later,  we can all cwtch up by the fire.

But remember…

What (or who) is in your dream yard? What are some must have features?

Wanna see what the other WR bloggers have in their yard? Check it out be clicking on their names below.


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6 thoughts on “Sigh…My Dream Yard

  1. I love it! Your library nook and hammock look so inviting. Once I read and nap then I'll sit by your fire bowl and roast marshmallows. *sigh*


  2. Love it all! In fact when you get through decorating yours you can decorate mine. lol. My favorite two things though is the garden helper and the water feature guy but the first one is just freaking awesome!


  3. I feel like this was more of a “dream nap” post than anything. Your dream yard sleeps 17.


  4. Lissa on said:

    Oh, methinks Tim can provide more than the music…;)


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  6. Okay… that swing by the water must be MINE! Where do mere mortals get this stuff!

    And Tim… yes… Time. Can I bring Keanu along? Or maybe Anson…I think I can.


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