That’s a good question, because dude…sometimes motivation is hard. Really hard

In all truth…I’m motivated by deadlines.
Hard deadlines.
The kind I can shove back and delay don’t really do it for me.  I need something firm, with serious consequences if I don’t finish the project.
Also, I’m motivated by the story. If it’s something I love, I usually have no problems writing on it.
If it’s something I like, but I’m not crazy about where or how it’s going to be published, I’m less motivated to work on it.
Also…I’m motivated by guilt. I have a few friends I exchange chapters with via email whenever we finish them and I feel more motivated to write when they send me theirs. Like…I need to keep up with them – not in a competition sense, but in an I’m letting them down if I don’t sense. Lame…but true.
So yeah…these are my motivations.  
Stress and guilt.
It’s how I roll. 
What motivates you? Seriously, if you have tips, leave them. I need help.  Click the names below to see what motivates the other WR bloggers.


One thought on “What Motivates Me?

  1. Yep, guilt is a huge motivator isn't it?? Another motivator for me is when I'm on IM with Jarman and I have to tell her how many words I've written. Ummm, none doesn't work.


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