Do you want a chance to win a lovely, toasty, handmade Peanuts Christmas quilt?

(The answer is yes. Yes, you do.)

Here’s the deal. My wonderful brother, Andrew and his equally wonderful wife Anne, have been trying to start a family. Unfortunately, this is going to require IVF treatments. You can read more about their journey here.


Amazing reader, Jeanne, graciously offered to donate one of her handmade, one of a kind quilts to help raise money for the cause. This is a Peanuts holiday strip quilt made with all different kinds of Peanuts fabric.  It’s reversible and will comfortably fit two underneath for cozy cuddling and holiday movie watching.

Here’s a link to the raffle. Any money raised will go to defray the costs of IVF treatments which are 10,000 dollars per attempt.

The raffle site would only let me put up one picture of the quilt, so I’m posting more here. Please check out these lovely pictures and consider buying a raffle ticket or two.

Here’s the front.

Peanuts Quilt 5

Peanuts Quilt

Peanuts Quilt 4

Here’s the back.

Peanuts Quilt Back

Peanuts Quilt Back 2

Peanuts Quilt Back 4

3 thoughts on “Do you like the Peanuts? Do you like toasty quilts?

  1. Bronwyn says:

    Thank you, honey! 🙂


  2. Reblogged this on embracingthepositive and commented:
    I normally don’t reblog but I am making an exception for a friend. 🙂

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