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All I Want for Christmas…is *not* Mariah Carey


No really. She bugs the ever loving hell out of me. Mariah Carey. Not this little girl. This kid is awesome. And reminds me of Jenny Trout’s daughter.

Okay – so my Christmas gift list isn’t terribly extensive or expensive …well, okay, one thing is, but this is what’s on my list besides gifts for humanity that involve things like world peace, foods free of GMOs and toxins, an environment free of pollution, equality, food, water and medical care for all..

Okay…my list.

1.) Health and happiness for my friends and family.

2.) A wonderful new job with awesome health insurance for my husband.

3.) A clean house.

4.) A clean refrigerator.

5.) A kitten. (Just a small one.)

6.) A pile of finished manuscripts.

7.) A new laptop. Mine is trying to die.

apple laptop

What’s on your list? Share! And click the names below to find out what my fellow bloggers would like to find under their trees.





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7 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas…is *not* Mariah Carey

  1. All I want for Christmas is for people to check or before posting stuff to Facebook. Or a key lime pie. A whole one. Just for me.

    I’m guessing the pie is more likely to happen…

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  2. I am the personal shopper for my family. I buy presents for them to give to each other. I do everyone’s shopping except my own. I feel this is fair. I like surprises. However I then made a list for my family that included links to most everything. So I sort of shopped for myself even then. The few things that didn’t have links were things you can run to Target or Wal-mart to get, with the exception of one. That’s because I have no idea how to go about getting a sewing machine serviced so I can start my new hobby of sewing. I just know I’ll be good at it one day lol.

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  3. Call your local fabric or quilting stores, Missy! They should have numbers for local, reputable sewing machine repair and tuneup people. Then drop that bad boy off and get ’em fixed up. 🙂 And I have faith in you – you are going to be good at it!

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  4. You have an awesome list! I love the clean house. 🙂 But I especially love the pile of finished manuscripts. Yep, I want some of those too


  5. A clean house. Honey, this is Christmas, not miracles are us. Though a kitten is absolutely adorable… and I like how you said, a small one. I thought most kittens were small, but hey…maybe you grow them big out there.

    merry christmas, honey.

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  6. But even “small kittens” grow into cats. Love your list! Very nice. I gave on the gift list. Only one who ever looked at it was me. *shrugs* That being said, that new kindle does look neat. 😉


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