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Dena Garson has some books and a surprise to share!

Welcome everyone! I’ve got the super adorable Dena Garson on the blog, today! And she’s debuting something very cool, here, today! Read on to find out what!

Tell us about a day in the life of Dena. 

Well… it’s usually a beautiful day in the neighborhood…

Ha! Okay, really – a normal day for me means getting up and going to the day job. I’m a Process Improvement Consultant, which means I get to be nosy and go find out what other people do in THEIR jobs and then help them find faster, more efficient, and sometimes cheaper ways to do it. Sometimes, though, we get called in to help implement new systems or add controls into processes. It’s interesting and never the same thing twice.

After the day job I get to spend time either on some practice field or at a game with one or the other of my boys. Sports are very big in my house. I keep wondering how or why I haven’t written a book with some kind of athlete or sport involved.

Writing time and all that author business gets smooshed into the lunch hour, while sitting on the sidelines, or during the boys’ homework time. I am sooooo thankful for wireless technology!

Do you have favorite moments from Risky Business and Down To Business? Can you share a bit about them?

Risky Business is about two coworkers who are pulled together at an after-hours company event thanks to an embarrassing betting pool. One of my favorite moments in Risky Business is when Jake confesses to Mia that he’d been fantasizing about her for some time. I love the idea that the guy you’ve been dreaming about was thinking about you too! *sigh*

Down To Business is a quick glimpse into John and Leigh’s married life. They’re scheduled for a weekend getaway but a work deadline is getting in the way. My favorite part is at the end, so I hate to give it away. Suffice to say that I like my characters to be able to laugh and enjoy sex even though it’s not a tidy process (not if you’re doing it properly!).

In your opinion, what makes a good hero?

In romance, I want to know that the hero has the right to be with the heroine – that they’re a good match for each other. If possible, I want to see that he is capable of being totally devoted to the heroine by the end of the book. He can be as strong or as flawed as you want, but the heroine should be the one person in the world (or universe) he is willing let his guard down with or expose his soft underbelly to.

Is there any genre or subgenre you’re longing to tackle but haven’t yet?

Yes, there is, as a matter of fact! Historical romance. I’ve had a story idea for as long as I can remember. I’ve sketched out my characters – maybe even the whole plot by now – but just haven’t written it. YET. I will one of these days!!

Do you have any other new or upcoming releases you’d like to share a bit about?

I finished another contemporary romance a couple months ago – loosely titled Snow Effect – and I’ve been working on edits. It’s. I plan to pitch it to an editor at the RT Booklovers Convention this month. It’s stupid but I get a little nauseous just thinking about pitching even though I can self-pub it (since that was my original plan anyway!) So, we’ll see which way that one goes!













Here’s the book info:

Risky Business

By Dena Garson

Mia Sanford has admired Jake Hudson from afar ever since she transferred to Marketing. She might be comfortable tangling with the company playboy in meeting rooms but not in private. Facts and figures she can handle, but that blue-eyed devil is out of her league.

Jake was impressed with Mia, the sexy analyst who provides his monthly Marketing data, the first day he met her. Not only is she smart and reliable, she has legs that have inspired a few sizzling hot workplace fantasies. However, her girl-next-door demeanor and the company’s no fraternization rules force Jake to keep things strictly professional.

When Mia becomes the target of an embarrassing betting pool at the annual office party, Jake alerts her to the danger. But since he never expressed an interest in her until now Mia isn’t certain if he’s really looking out for her, or just trying to win the pool himself. If she trusts him, it might place both her reputation and her heart on the line.

Amazon, Coffee Time Romance, All Romance, Smashwords, B&N, iBooks, Kobo, Amazon UK


Down to Business

By Dena Garson


All work and no play makes John a dull boy… but not if Leigh can help it.

When weekend plans are threatened by a looming work deadline, Leigh finds a creative way to motivate her husband to knock out one last contract. Dinner, a locked office door, and a little skin – she knows exactly what John likes and uses it to their advantage.

Amazon, Coffe Time RomanceAll RomanceSmashwordsB&NiBooks


And debuting here…Dena’s new book trailer!


Author Info:

Dena Garson is a Process Redesign Specialist by day and a writer and jewelry designer by night. She is raising two rowdy boys who play lots of sports which forces her to spend way too much time on the practice field and/or sidelines. Thankfully she has a loyal and loving Labrador Retriever to listen when she complains and a spoiled cat who reminds her daily she is merely a servant.











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4 thoughts on “Dena Garson has some books and a surprise to share!

  1. dgarson12 on said:

    Thanks for having me on your blog today!! *hugz you bigtime*

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Both books are tempting, Dena, I love my romance funny and like it when characters have unusual jobs (marketing etc) as opposed to being billionaires or princesses!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. dgarson12 on said:

    Thanks, Rhyll! Yeah… I have some trouble thinking there’s a bunch of billionaires running around looking for the love of their life. And, well, I know more what the life of a middle-manager or accounting clerk would look like. Thanks for stopping by!

    Liked by 1 person

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