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Riding in Cars with Boys – Part Twenty-One

So, I think that Corwin is well on his way to becoming a Joelist. I think Jenny Trout would be proud.

His CD of choice for the ride to school this week is a Billy Joel mix that the lovely Kayleigh Jones made.

Today, he decided that we were going listen to Big Shot and She’s Always a Woman. Yesterday, it was Only the Good Die Young.  On repeat.

Corwin: You know…Billy Joel has some pretty great visual imagery.

Me:  Yeah, he really does.

Corwin:  Are both of these songs about the same woman?

Me: I’m not sure. That’s probably a question for Jen.

Corwin: Yeah…she’ll know. But…I kinda feel like even if they are, Billy Joel makes terrible romance choices. These women don’t sound like good ideas at all.

Me: I can’t argue with that.

Corwin:  He should probably stick to those Catholic girls.


Yep. This is the kid I have.

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