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If I Could Rewrite a Book – What and Why?

I’ve been pondering this post ever since I saw it on this year’s topic list. There are plenty of books with elements I hated or tropes that pissed me off. But even as I purused my mental list of books I thought could use some improvement, I couldn’t come up with a single one I wanted to rewrite. Ultimately, those stories belong to other people. I wouldn’t want to rewrite them. Just because I may not appreciate the authors’ vision doesn’t mean that those stories need rewriting by me – it just means that I’m not the intended audience.

I guess if I could rewrite anything, it would be my earlier books. I know there were elements that I included that I wish I hadn’t. There are some I’d love to expand because I was hindered by publishers’ length requirements or series elements. I’d love to get my hands on those and give them another go. It’s unlikely I’ll get the chance to do that with most of the books, but I  have gotten the rights back on some of them, and I’ll be eventually reworking them to better reflect my improved skills and outlook.

That’s it from me, today, but be sure to see what books the other bloggers would like to rewrite.





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3 thoughts on “If I Could Rewrite a Book – What and Why?

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  2. I think we all would like to rewrite some of our earlier works. They’re part of our learning process. But honestly, I’ve loved everything I’ve read by you. ❤ ❤ ❤


  3. Gwen Cease on said:

    Earlier books for sure! I plan on, for sure totally rewriting one, but I doubt I’ll get to the others.


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