I’ve been trying to write this post for a while, now. But every time I look at the title of the prompt, I get that song, What I Like About You by The Romantics, stuck in my head, and then it’s there for days.

I really hate that.

Anyway, here are some things I also hate about writing, in no particular order.

  • When the words won’t come. That feeling of staring at the cursor and watching it mockingly blink on my empty page.
  • Imposter Syndrome. Feeling like any past success I’ve had was nothing more than luck, and that I’m not a “real” writer, and someday, everyone will know. 
  • When I’m writing to meet a deadline and I get all kinds of plot ideas or bits of dialogue for a different story.
  • When other obligations get in the way of writing.
  • When I get all up in my head and second guess myself about the anything to do with the my current project.
  • When I get on a roll riiiiiiiiiiight before it’s time to go to bed. (Yeah, I know, I could stay up later, but that pretty much makes me useless the next day.)

I’m sure there are more things I hate about writing. But I don’t hate writing. It’s truly one of my favorite things. In fact, I’m gonna go do some right now!

Be sure to check out Jess, Jessica, and Torrance’s posts to see what they hate about writing.

13 thoughts on “What I Hate About Writing

  1. Akaluv says:

    All writers have something they hate about writing; nothing is perfect 🙂

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  2. That pictures speaks to me.

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    1. Bronwyn says:

      I feel like that cat knows our souls.


  3. Don’t listen to yourself. You are great. Your writing is great. The world wants more of it. Keep the world happy, it has so little. Go write. Publish. Repeat.

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    1. Bronwyn says:

      The best part about this is that I can hear you perfectly in my head. I love you, woman!

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  4. Pansy Petal says:

    What you said about writing – that can actually be applied to most anything. Like my life in general. *sigh* But we persevere. Press on. Come out the other side. Keep writing! I love reading your stories as much as you love writing them. 😀 Thank you.

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    1. Bronwyn says:

      Thank you, honey. Both for reading and pressing on in your own life. *grabs your hand* We got this!

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  5. Torrance Sené says:

    Imposter Syndrome. God yes. All of this, tbh. Great post!

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    1. Bronwyn says:

      Imposter syndrome suuuuuuuucks so bad.


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