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Texts from Cait (and Martin) – Part Twenty

Some background on  this text you’re about to see:  My family’s nickname for me is T-Rex because my arms are short and I can’t reach shit. In fact, when I need something on an upper shelf, I yell, “T-Rex needs help!” and someone who’s taller than me needs to come reach stuff down for me.

My brother, Martin, delights in sending me T-Rex related memes and buying me T-Tex related t-shirts or building Lego T-Rexes and naming them after me. (Please see exhibits a and B, below.)


Today, he sent me this text that I immediately relayed to my sister, Cait. I thought I’d share Martin’s text and Cait’s response.




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2 thoughts on “Texts from Cait (and Martin) – Part Twenty

  1. I love texts from Cait.

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