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Writing Hopes and Aspirations

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So, my writing hopes and aspirations are pretty simple. I’m not looking to hit lists or become a millionaire, I’d just like to:

  • To make enough to support myself by writing full-time–not that I don’t genuinely love my other jobs, but…this is the dream, people.
  • To write stories that provide people with an enjoyable escape from reality for a bit.
  • To write stories that I love and am proud of.

I’m actually feeling confident about number three. Really need to work on number one.

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7 thoughts on “Writing Hopes and Aspirations

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  3. You’ve also scored on #2 m’dear:) I think we’re ALL striving for #1!


  4. When I was a brand new baby writer, I went to a writing conference where a Very Famous Writer was speaking. He said we all seek different rewards from writing, but the biggest reward was, you get to write more.

    I didn’t understand it at the time. Now, I do.


  5. Okay, so I’m thinking I took a whole other angle on this one. But this is a great list. You definitely have two and three nailed, honey. And we are all searching for number one, lol. I know you’ll get that, too because… hell, you’re amazingly talented.


  6. What a wonderful dream. Some day you will get there. Thank you.


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