This week’s project.


Gift from my daughter.


Another gift from my daughter.


Morrighan and Willow – two little loafs.


Pretty berries out by the garage.


Oh look. More snow.


More berries and snow.


My daughter wanted quiche for supper, so she got a crash course in pie crust, and sharp white cheddar, gruyere, bacon, broccoli, cauliflower, and carrot quiche.

Be sure to check out the other bloggers’ posts and see what they’re up to.

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8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Gwen Cease says:

    I love your pics!! And the quiche looks awesome. Yum!!


  2. siobhanmuir says:

    I love the pretty berries by the garage and WOW on the Jareth doll! Great pics, Bronwyn. 🙂


  3. Because of you, and the power of voodoo, I am going to have Labyrinth in my head the rest of day. Also, avoid outside. Outside is crap right now.


  4. Oh my goodness, that Jareth doll! 😍

    I’m jealous of your gorgeous snow scenes! Snow here usually comes with a generous and slushy side of rain.


  5. Pansy Petal says:

    With gifts like that, can I adopt your daughter? *sigh*

    You do know that the name of the fluffy white stuff is a four letter word? Right?

    Is it spring yet?

    Great pictures. Now I am hungry. 😀

    BTW – are you doing the bustle too?


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